Blaker Associates
Speech-Language Pathology

WELCOME to Blaker Associates Speech-Language Pathology, a speech and language therapy private practice devoted to providing you with personalized, excellent, compassionate care. Blaker Associates delivers a wide variety of services addressing developmental delays, and speech, language, and voice disorders.

Renée Blaker works predominately with adults and children seeking help with stuttering, voice, accent reduction, oral motor planning, tongue thrust, articulation, swallowing, public speaking, and speech and voice problems related to cancer surgery. Renée is also experienced with clients wishing to focus on gender appropriate voice issues.

Blaker Associates’ current therapists compliment Renée’s areas of expertise with focus in the area of pediatric expressive and receptive language disorders, articulation, oral motor planning difficulties, and cleft palate. Consultants evaluate and treat children from infants through school age.

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